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by | Feb 9, 2017

Febuary 9, 2017

The perfect complexion may seem like an elusive goal, and sometimes the products we use only make things worse. If you have struggled with your skin, like so many people, oil cleansing may be the answer.

The Oil Cleansing Method is an effective and gentle way to deep- clean your face that will balance the pH and the moisture content of your skin. Cleansing oils are free from some of the problems associated with most commercial cleansers. Namely, harsh chemicals and too much fragrance.

Companies like Burt’s Bees, Origin, Clinique, and Bobbie Brown are all offering versions of this kind of cleanser because of the success so many people have had using it. If you are unfamiliar with the idea, using oil as a cleanser may sound completely backward, but it actually makes a lot of sense if you take a moment to look at the science behind it.

Protecting the Acid Mantle

We have a thin, slightly acidic film on the surface of our skin called the acid mantle. This protective layer is an emulsion of water and oils secreted from the sebaceous glands – along with a few other substances like amino and lactic acids. It keeps our skin supple, and the acidity acts as a barrier to bacteria and other nasty pathogens.

Traditional soap-based cleansers can strip this protective layer from your skin. These kind of cleansers are generally very alkaline (the opposite of our acid mantle). They work by lowering the surface tension of the water you wash with, to wash away the oil and dirt on your body. The problem with this is it washes away the good with the bad.


Oil cleansing.

Protects the skin’s pH and the acid mantle.

 The Cycle of Extremes

While your skin struggles to restore it’s natural balance, your skin may become more sensitive. You may experience breakouts, dry, inflamed, or itchy skin. This can cause your skin to overcompensate by producing more of it’s own natural oils, which can lead to a cycle of imbalance and irritation.

The solution to this cycle of imbalance is cleaning your face with a good facial oil.

This works because oil dissolves oil, allowing you to wipe away dirt and impurities without stripping the skin. Botanical oils have a neutral pH, so they don’t upset the balance of the skin’s acid mantle. The combination of massaging plant-based oils into your skin and a warm washcloth to open the pores will allow dirt and make-up to be easily wiped away.  A thin layer of moisturizing oils is left behind to nourish your skin.

Creating Your Own Blend


If you would like to try oil cleansing, it is simple to do.

For starters, you need to choose an oil, or a combination of oils. Choose a plant-based oil that is organic, cold-pressed, and unrefined if possible. Never use mineral oil, as this will clog your pores.

I recommend blending two oils. First, Castor Oil, because of it’s ability to pull impurities out of your skin. It is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, as well as very healing.  Castor oil is astringent, which can also make it very drying, so it should always be mixed with another oil.  You will use more for oily or combination skin, and less for dry or mature skin.

Next, pick a secondary oil. Here are a few good choices:

  • Olive oil – Is a good oil for all skin types
  • Apricot Kernel Oil – Also good for all skin types
  • Jojoba Oil – Is very similar to our skin’s own oils. It is good for all skin types, and is great for oily skin
  • Avocado Oil – Works well for mature or dry skin


The ratio you use to blend your two oils will depend on your skin type. If your skin feels too dry, use less Castor oil. You can even do without it if your skin is very dry! The beauty of making this yourself is you can experiment with different oils and different ratios until you get it just the way you want it. This is just a good place to start.

Dry skin – use 10% Castor oil and 90% secondary oil

Normal skin – use 20% Castor oil and 80% secondary oil

Oily skin – use 30% Castor oil and 70% secondary oil


Cleaning Your Face


Here’s how to use it:

There’s no need to remove your makeup.

You will need a washcloth. A lot of people swear by a microfiber cloth because it will add some very gentle exfoliation.

Pour some oil into the palm of your hand. Message into your face, starting at the bottom and working upwards. Relax and take some time with this. You may want to give the oil an extra 30 seconds or more to remain on your face.

Using hot water that is comfortably hot, wet the washcloth until soaked. Apply to your face and hold to your skin for 10 to 15 seconds. Wipe off the oils, repeating until they are all removed.

That’s it! You will feel the difference right away and it won’t take long before your skin will begin to look more radiant!


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